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27 pensamientos en “Aviso

  1. “Excuse me
    are you from New York?
    I thought I saw you
    there in May
    or June.” “No Shanghai

    but I visited
    Manhattan in June, maybe
    you did see me there.”
    This is how
    the opening lines

    are played in
    his head, but chess is
    simple compared to
    size, culture
    generation gap.

    He’s up, the ruse is
    a refill at Foster’s in
    Chapel Hill two days
    after a
    home loss too…

    But dude boy
    is not about to lose this
    one, no; cup
    in hand he weaves through
    tables, stops, pelvis

    eye level
    as she peers over laptop.
    “Yes,” she says,
    “Excuse me, are you
    from New York?”
    “No, but…”

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